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Vegas Mob Weddings - Officiants

And this time you can be a part of it. You are invited to get Married by the Mob. Heidi & Joe Marino welcome you to this unique Las Vegas experience and we are available now for you to become a MADE Couple and take the OATH, or as you call it the VOWS. Relive "Old Vegas" when the Wiseguys ran roughshod over Sin City. Vegas Mob Weddings is a truly unique Themed Wedding Journey into Las Vegas' checkered past. Your Nuptials will be performed by an authentic Mobster or Gun Moll. We want to make you part of the "Family" and get the RESPECT you Deserve. We are available to officiate your Wedding, Vow Renewal, or Commitment Ceremony. Become one of our "Most Wanted" Couples today!
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