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What happens if the Bride or Groom is late to the Wedding?

If the Bride, the Groom, or both are late due to their own reasons or scheduling conflicts then we reserve the right to reschedule, limit the ceremony time and/or photography time, or cancel the ceremony without refund.

What happens if my guests are late to my Wedding?

Your wedding ceremony will still proceed as scheduled even if your guests have not arrived. Because we have no control over third party venues, photographers, officiants, etc, we must adhere to their previously scheduled times. Being in the Wedding Capital of the World, those third party vendors may have scheduled more than one wedding on any given day. Just as we respect your event and time, please give us the same courtesy.

Do I need a Witness?

Yes! Just about anyone can be a witness. A witness must understand what is going on and be able to attest to the marriage in court - no age restriction. If you do not have a witness for your ceremony, let us know and we can provide one for you. We never charge for providing a witness.

Do we need a Marriage License to get married in Las Vegas?

Yes! You will need to obtain a Marriage License from the state of Nevada before any marriage ceremony can be performed. The License and the packet of forms must be presented in its entirety to the Wedding Officiant prior to the start of your ceremony. We encourage all couples to complete the online form before going to the Marriage License Bureau to expedite the process. Please visit: Marriage License ApplicationThe completed online pre-application form is saved for one year from the date of submission. 
You will need to go together pick up your Marriage License from the Clark County Marriage License Bureau. No appointment is necessary. It typically takes less than a half hour when you have completed the pre-application online. Look for your special line at the Marriage License Bureau, show the Clerk your photo ID's, and give them your confirmation number. The Marriage License Bureau is located at: 201 East Clark Avenue. They operate 8am to Midnight, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Who can get married in the State of Nevada?

If you're single, 18 years of age or older, coherent, willing and able then you can get married in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. I know it's Vegas, but you cannot be impaired, incapable of making decisions, unwilling or coerced. Please don't arrive smelling like alcohol or marijuana, by law we cannot preform any type of ceremony if you smell of those substances even if you did not partake. Also, you can't get married in Las Vegas if you're already married. We can, however, do a Vow Renewal Ceremony. The Marriage License Bureau does offer a Souvenir Vow Renewal Certificate, but it is not required for a ceremony. Please visit: Certificate of Vow Renewal


Payments made to Vegas Mob Weddings are Non-Refundable, but are fully transferrable within one calendar year of your ceremony date. We can move the date and time of your wedding based on our availability and the venue availability, provided that proper notice of 72 hours for Strip Weddings and 14 days for Helicopter or Adventure Weddings (any weddings not on the Las Vegas Strip) is provided to us. Final payment for all reservations is due 10 days before the ceremony date. Payments not completed by the 10-day deadline can cause cancellation of the entire reservation without refund or rescheduling at the sole discretion of Vegas Mob Weddings.

Las Vegas is open 24/7/365, are you?

We can preform ceremonies almost anytime or day. Just ask.

I am Getting Married at ..., can you be my Officiant?

The short answer is YES! Just be aware that some venues (like "Wedding Chapels") will charge an additional fee to use an "Outside" Officiant. Also, there are some places we will not go to perform a Ceremony. No amount of money will get me to jump out of a plane to perform a Ceremony. Just sayin!

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