Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

COVID POLICY: While we understand that the international pandemic of Covid-19 is completely out of anyone's control, we are not able to alter our refund policies due to the pandemic. The limitations on cash flow and operations have actually made it more difficult to consider any refunds. Our COVID policy provides for an extended rescheduling window of 18 months for those couples directly impacted by COVID.

Vegas Mob Weddings is not responsible for weather, terrorist attacks, police actions, traffic jams, accidents, road closures, special events, construction, illnesses, national pandemics, personal tragedies, or any other unforeseen events, circumstances, acts of God, or any other potential impediment that may delay or inhibit your ceremony from taking place as planned. In the event of unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances, Vegas Mob Weddings will make every effort to make an alternative plan for your ceremony and photos, up to and including moving the location or rescheduling the time at the sole discretion of Vegas Mob Weddings. By choosing to work with an outdoor wedding company, you agree to assume the risks that come along with an outdoor venue. Venues may require an additional payment to reschedule, and Vegas Mob Weddings has no control over whether venues will choose to refund or transfer paid fees. Rescheduling is subject to availability.

Payments made to Vegas Mob Weddings are Non-Refundable, but are fully transferrable within one calendar year of your ceremony date. We can move the date and time of your wedding based on our availability and the venue availability, provided that proper notice of 72 hours for Strip Weddings and 14 days for Helicopter or Adventure Weddings (any weddings not on the Las Vegas Strip) is provided to us. Final payment for all reservations is due 10 days before the ceremony date. Payments not completed by the 10-day deadline can cause cancellation of the entire reservation without refund or rescheduling at the sole discretion of Vegas Mob Weddings. 

Vegas Mob Weddings cannot be held responsible if the wedding party is late arriving at the venue for the ceremony. This includes arriving at the limousine pickup area late. We reserve the right to shorten the time allowed for ceremony and photos if the Bride or Groom or their guests arrive late and delay the start of the ceremony. We will make every effort to fulfill the amount of photos that come with your package, but cannot guarantee that amount if we start late.

While we make every effort to build in redundancy to our equipment, with multiple cameras, memory cards, lights, and other equipment, there is a minute chance that equipment failure might preclude fulfilling the amount of photos and/or video included in your package. Vegas Mob Weddings can not be held responsible for unforeseen equipment failure or loss of video or photos that is not the direct result of negligence. In the event that there is a loss of video or photos, we will make every effort to come to an equitable arrangement with our couple, up to and including a refund of that specific part of the package that was lost, at the sole discretion of Vegas Mob Weddings. There is no full refund of payments made by Vegas Mob Weddings due to equipment failure or for any other reason.

There is no guarantee of which Officiant, Photographer, or Vendor will provide services for your wedding. Due to scheduling conflicts, unforeseen circumstances, illness, tragedy, or a myriad of other circumstances that may arise, Vegas Mob Weddings reserves the right to schedule Photographers, Officiants, third-party Vendors, or other providers of our choosing. 

Acceptance of a quote does not guarantee your reservation with Vegas Mob Weddings. Until a deposit is placed in the amount specified by your quote or accompanying email, your reservation will not be held secure. As a courtesy, we will hold reservations on accepted quotes for 24 hours to allow time for deposits to be placed. Vegas Mob Weddings reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any quote not secured by a deposit, even within the 24-hour courtesy period.

Vegas Mob Weddings cannot be held responsible for actions and decisions by third-party venues, vendors or their employees. While we strive to only work with the best providers and venues for our wedding couples, we do not have direct managerial control over our venues or third-party vendors. In the event of difficulties arising from the actions or decisions of third-party vendors or venues, Vegas Mob Weddings will work to create an amenable solution or compromise for our couples, but cannot guarantee results.

Many of our wedding locations are held in public areas and there is no guarantee made of privacy for your ceremony or photos. While we make every effort to create an atmosphere around our couples of celebration for their special moment and their photos, we cannot control the pubic at large or individual passers-by. By choosing to hold your ceremony in a  public venue, you agree to accept the risks associated with an uncontrolled environment. Vegas Mob Weddings reserves the right to refuse to operate in specific locations at our sole discretion. We may suggest an alternative location that we know we can operate more easily in to facilitate your wedding and photos. We make no claim of guarantee that the venue will be in the same condition every time, and Vegas Mob Weddings cannot be held responsible for construction, lighting outages, fountain malfunction, pedestrian traffic, ambient noise, special events, or any other circumstance or event beyond our control.

By making a reservation and placing deposits or payments you are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions. This agreement between Vegas Mob Weddings and the wedding couple becomes effective when payment is made to secure the reservation. At the time this agreement takes effect, Vegas Mob Weddings shall reserve the date and time agreed upon, and not make any other reservations or accept any other clients for said date and time. For this reason, in the event that couples cancel their reservation for any reason, all monies paid shall be retained by Vegas Mob Weddings in order to offset its loss of business.

I promise, you are almost done with the Terms and Conditions. As a Thank you for reading them, here is my Grandmother's recipe for "Pow Wows". It was my favorite and was always requested for every birthday. Enjoy!

Charlotte's "Pow Wows":

1/2 bottle of chili sauce, 1/2 bottle of ketchup (regular size), 1/4 cup sweet pickle relish, 4 heaping tablespoons brown sugar, 1 lb chipped ham*, 12-18 slider buns -King's Hawaiian Slider Buns work the best, 12-18 slices Velveeta cheese, soft butter, tin foil sheets - one for each slider.

*Chipped ham is a Pennsylvania thing so outside of PA just ask for the thinnest deli sliced ham they can do and tear it into smaller pieces.

Mix the first 4 ingredients in a sauce pan and simmer a few minutes. Add chipped ham and simmer 5 minutes over low heat. Cool. Spread the bottom half of buns with soft butter - keeps buns from soaking with sauce. place meat mixture on bun, don't be stingy. Top with a slice of Velveeta cheese, then top half of bun. Wrap individually in foil. Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 20 minutes. Time varies if sandwiches were refrigerated or frozen. Yes, you can make the sandwiches ahead of time and refrigerate or freeze until you want to bake them. Warning, there will not be leftovers. But if there are one or two uneaten, they are even better the next day hot or cold. Enjoy!

You may make changes to your reservation without any fees provided that proper notice of 72 hours for Strip Weddings and 14 days for Helicopter or Adventure Weddings (any weddings not on the Las Vegas Strip) from the date and time of your booking is provided to us. Packages selected may not be reduced nor additions canceled within 72 hours of your ceremony. Any changes to your package, time, or additions within 72 hours will incur change fees, which start at $25 per change.

Chauffeurs are not permitted to wait more than 10 minutes at any given hotel or casino. If you are not available within that time, you will forfeit your courtesy transportation (if part of your ceremony package) and have to arrange your own transportation to and from the ceremony. No refunds or concessions will be given as we do not charge for use of transportation if included with your ceremony package.

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